We currently have no open vacancies and like our team the way it is, but you can always drop us a line if you think you got what it takes.


  • Please send a mail to jobs@webersg.nl. If you send it to another mail address (like info or a personal mail addresses) you will end up in the wrong inbox, a.k.a. outside of our hiring process.
  • In general it’s best to include a link to your portfolio in the e-mail. A link to an online portfolio is much better than attachments or -gasp- nothing at all! Your portfolio is the most important part of any application, so please don’t make us look for it.
  • While on the subject of portfolio: Keep it simple, and give us something to look at and play with. If you are a programmer, it’s best to post some working projects, not just code snippets. If you are an artist, showing the process of your work (including the end result) is a great way to stand out.
  • It’s not a guarantee for an invitation, but it helps if you know where the terms ‘Quest Rogue’, ‘Freeze Mage’ and ‘Control Paladin’ come from 🙂

Note to recruiters: We only accept direct applications and do not work with recruitment agencies, headhunters or similar companies.
Please do not contact us for commercial recruiting services.