Nice things, part 3

It’s time for the third update of ‘Nice things’. This time we’ve added three new projects to our portfolio: An app for kids and their parents for Huis voor Beweging, a game for WNF to promote their ‘Planet Run’ and finally a game for Pelgrim called ‘Mooi Samen spel’ to show how nice their kitchen products fit together. Click here to see them all!

Most Wanted in the streets!

Disney’s Most Wanted campaign didn’t only take place online…the game encouraged players to go outside and find some more DisneyXD characters that were on the loose. One of them was the infamous ‘Grobbelzomper’ monster that could be found on the canals of Amsteredam. Players could add this character to their collection when they used the ‘griezel4′ key. Good fun!